Laura Acevedo

Obituary of Laura Acevedo

You never said I'm leaving.

You never said goodbye.

You were gone before we knew it,

and only god knows why.

A million times I needed you,

A million times I cried.

If love alone could have saved you,

you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,

in death I love you still.

In my heart I hold a place

that only you can fill.

"Her doors were always open." "Loved to play Bingo." "Would not eat just to make sure her children and grandchildren had a plate of food." These were some of the many many things the family had to say about Laura (Laly) Acevedo. She was born and raised Aguadilla, Puerto Rico on November 20, 1960, and lived the last 16 years in Rochester, NY. She's had 8 children, 13 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. She was one of the strongest women we know, a great mother, a BIG HEART, and a very giving person. Loved music and dancing and had a sudden habit to only drink bottled water. She always had a little cooler with her full of drinks everywhere she went, loved buffets and before quitting smoking she was known for asking money for cigarettes. Out of the 9 siblings the 4 youngest were the closest. She looked forward to calling her sister Ely every single night. She enjoyed spending time with her sister Lidia because she used to always take her out places. Any time she needed something she would ask for Julio because he never said no to her and her sister did. She adored him so much she said he was more of a brother to her not her brother in law. Her baby brother was more like a son to he me as well. Every time they hung up their call she would tell him how much she loved him. Her grandkids remembered how she loved to take late night trips to Walmart. The memories just keep going and going, but one thing is for sure she is tremendously loved and will be greatly missed. Her memory will go on forever in all of us and will forever be in our hearts. Rest In Peace Laly. We love you!